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Seed Source proudly offers locally sourced, high-quality products specifically selected for your farm.

AgVenture Seed Products

Corn Hybrids

AgVenture corn seed is derived from some of the highest-quality plant genetics and traits in the industry. You know you’re getting quality when it carries the AgVenture name.


Silage that combines better digestibility and more efficient production.  AgVenture silage hybrids have been selected based on key corn silage characteristics.

Soybean Varieties

Cutting-edge genetics across a diverse selection of soybean varieties deliver big returns.  One look at your harvest data, and you’ll know your investment in AgVenture seed paid off big.


Our genetic advancement criteria: Maximum Yield, Maximum Profit.  Healthy plants, lasting stands, higher hay and forage quality.


Sorghum has always been a reliable producer and now it’s even more beneficial with better drought tolerance and higher yields while conserving resources.


AgVenture sunflower seed is genetically engineered for exceptional yield and oil content performance.

S&W Seed Products

S&W Sorghum

S&W sorghum varieties feature superior stem quality, standability, high sugar levels, high dry matter production, and low prussic acid levels.

S&W Alfalfa

High-yield S&W alfalfa varieties with a wide range of adaptation across many growing environments with plenty of resistance to disease and stress.

AgriGro Fertilizer & Nutrition Products

AgriGro AgriCal

AgriCal is a product that activates free lime in the soil profile and can serve as a “band-aid” to a low PH soil, it also serves as a calcium supplement to help increase saturation of Ca which in turn provides better translocation of nutrients in the crop.

AgriGro Ignite S2

Ignite S2 is a prebiotic soil supplement designed to be mixed with phosphorous based starter fertilizers. Ignite S2 provides many benefits such as better stress emergence, root growth, nutrient uptake/conversion, ETC.

AgriGro FoliarBlend

FoliarBlend is a prebiotic plant supplement designed to be foliar fed to about any crop. FoliarBlend  has the ability to be directly mixed with roundup and most common herbicides and fertilizers used today.

AgriGro SeedMaxx

A new generation of prebiotic nutrition in a convenient, seed safe formulation that has a targeted effect on the soil and plants biological system pushing crops to grow through yield dragging challenges and better reach their genetic yield potential.

AgriGro Ultra

A certified organic soil, seed, and foliar treatment that helps accelerate emergence, strengthen roots and stalks, improve plant health, yields and crop quality.

The Andersons Fertilizer & Nutrition Products

The Andersons Plant Nutrient

Give your crop what it needs to thrive this growing season with a foliar fertilizer application.

Meristem Crop Performance Products

Meristem Crop Performance

Meristem Crop Performance products creates the most efficient channel to move crop input technologies to market for the benefit of the American farmer.

Meristem REVLINE™

One of the highest performing products in it’s class, REVLINE 4.0 stimulates cell division and root growth and delays senescence (aging) of the plant during periods of stress.


EXCAVATOR™ is specifically designed to break down crop residue in the field, improving planter performance, creating stronger stands and releasing valuable nutrients to feed the crop.