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We provide a high yield strategy for our customers which includes Fertility, Data management and Agronomics which we can provide through soil sampling, in-field assessments, and custom Fertilizer and Seed RX.

Why Choose Us

Seed Source believes planting the right seed is just the beginning in achieving higher yields. Success depends on having a sound crop management strategy, cropping plan, and the latest agronomic insight and intelligence.

Axis Seed®

Obtain an unparalleled professional cropping strategy through our cutting-edge performance-monitoring system. Elevate your seed selection and planting techniques with continuous refinement, setting a new standard for each successive year.

Soil Sampling/Recommendations

Our team provides soil sampling services from 2.5 acre to 10 acre grids with RX’s as well as in-season tissue sampling and crop strategy recommendations.


Meristem provides products designed to enable peak performance across all crop inputs, drives out wasteful cost and positions your operation for enhanced profitability.

Axis Seed Nutribolt™​

NutriBolt™is a prebiotic formula that boosts the microbial activity in your soil up to 5,000 percent. What’s that mean for your crops? Improved root development, nutrient and water uptake, plant health and function, and stress tolerance.


The scientist, chemists and formulators that developed AgriGuardian™ products have over a 100 years experience working with agriculture to meet the nutritional needs of plants and crops. These products are built from the ground up to ensure that nutrients are properly balanced, readily available, quickly absorbed, and immediately usable by the plants and crops. AgriGuardian™ products are also designed to be compatible in tank mixes with most chemistries (some including glyphosate). When it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of crops and increasing yields, AgriGuardian™ products are some of the most cost effective and efficient products on the market today.

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S&W Alfalfa and Sorghum​

Product SW4107 & SW5213, Forage sorghums available.

Our specialty is high-yield alfalfa varieties with a wide range of adaptation across many growing environments. Our non-dormant breeding program is focused on maximizing yield regardless of soil and water salinity. Our dormant
alfalfa breeding emphasizes high yield and forage quality, developing hardy alfalfa varieties with plenty of resistance to disease and stress.